RSS Feeds are more important now!


Chromium announced that it is slowly rolling out a feature that would allow users to follow a particular website, right from the Chrome Menu. This is still experimental and being slowly rolled out and can change before General Availability.

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Though Google Reader is dead(which I never got a chance to use), Google is providing an even better way to let users find the relevant content right in their browser.

In the coming weeks, some Android users in the US on Chrome Canary may see an experimental Follow feature

I have started regularly updating my blog recently (after almost 9 years) and I thought that's a nice push for me to set up RSS for my Blog. So here is my RSS Feed.

My website is powered by SvelteKit which is a very performant and easy to use framework. I quickly set up the RSS using and now it is automatically generated at build time.

Some of the things I learned

  • Don't expect feeds to be updated within minutes or even hours. There are a lot of RSS Readers available and they have different techniques to pull the data from the feed. Some make it configurable. Some make it non-configurable and do it based on how frequently that RSS is updated.
  • Don't immediately update your RSS feeds. Schedule it to be done on some action or make it time-based like 2 hours after the article is published. This is because once a Feed item has been crawled by some reader, it can be almost impossible to get that item updated in the reader later.

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