Evaluating MongoDB with GraphQL


It is a NoSQL Database.


MongoDB Realm

  • Provides User Authentication and Authorization.
    • The following types are available
      • Anonymous
      • Email/Password-based
      • etc.
    • Collection Level permissions can be configured as follows. Templates are available to quickly do that configuration or you can do that using a configuration file.
      • Anonymous Read and Write access to collection
      • The user who wrote and only that user can read.
  • Integrates well with Apollo Client due to the client's flexibility to integrate with any GraphQL endpoint.
    • Inbuilt GraphQL IDE(GraphiQL)
    • Automatic GraphQL Schema Generation
      • It has everything figured out
        • Mutations
          • Insert,
          • Update
          • Upsert
          • ..etc
        • Queries
          • Collection of Documents
          • Single Document
          • ...etc
  • Website Hosting - You can host your front end there.
  • You can avoid backend completely and directly use HTTP(3rd party integration) to define your REST endpoints.

Points to Note

  • All collections across all databases under a cluster are served through a single GraphQL endpoint.
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