Mood Weather Report on Facebook -share locked moods

If you are on facebook then you must have used this mood sharing application.Its's being used a lot these days.Its a very good application providing a lot of moods to share.But it restricts the access to a very few moods.Each day only one new mood is unlocked on sharing an already unlocked mood on facebook.

It seems quite frustrating when you have to choose from a very few moods and when you have a mood to share you find it locked.

Its very easy to share the locked mood and it takes a few seconds.I have tried it with firefox and google-chrome ,though I am sure it will work with any browser which supports javascript.

Follow the following steps:

  • Be sure to enable javascript if disabled.It is enabled by default in every browser if you have not disabled it.

  • Login to your facebook account and go to the Mood Weather Report application.

  • Click on any locked mood that you want to share(if the mood is already unlocked then you should not be here :) )

  • In the URL field of the browser copy & paste this code

    javascript: document.getElementById(
    ).style.display = "";
    void null;
  • You will find a "Publish on your wall" button which wasn't there earlier .Go and publish your mood :)

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